This is State With The Most Stable 4G Signal

Techno JournalOpenSignal’s latest research titled State of LTE June 2017 reveals countries with the world’s most stable availability of 4G (availability) signals. In a report whose data were taken in the January-March 2017 period, South Korea is at the top with 4G availability of 96.38 percent. That is, the 4G signal network in South Korea is very stable.

Then, the next position followed by Japan with 93.48 percent and Norway with 86.96 percent. The 4G availability measures how consistent 4G networks in each country.

Then, Indonesia is in order to how? Based on this report, Indonesia is ranked 50th out of a total of 75 countries measured. The consistency level of Indonesia’s 4G network ranges from 62.77 percent.

“Our study of 4G availability is not measured by the geographic coverage of a country, we measure the level of network availability based on the amount of time users spend accessing the network,” explains the research.

According to OpenSignal, in some countries, especially in East Asia, the presence of LTE signal is as much as 2G and 3G signals. In this research, OpenSignal tested 558,260 devices in 75 countries, with 19,556,514,365 measurements.

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