Google’s Giant Companies Release ‘Google Photos’

Techno Journal – After Instagram released the archive feature, Google also follow the trail of sharing social networking photos. Archive features are now available in Google Photos services.

This can be seen on the Photos’ Play Store page, and while it’s an impressive figure, these downloads aren’t all completely organic, as phones now ship with Photos installed. Many of the apps in the one billion club also come pre-installed on devices, as you might expect, though apps like Instagram and WhatsApp appear far less frequently than Google’s products.

Google Photos is a free photo storage app that provides easy editing tools, smart sorting features, automatic backups for your snaps and more. Possibly its most attention-grabbing feature, however, is the unlimited “high-quality” photo and video storage it offers.

This is new product from Google Company based on previous product picasa.

This is new product from Google Company based on previous product picasa.

Given the app’s easy-of-use, the power of its algorithms (just try searching your uploaded pictures with a keyword judi domino terpercaya), the potential it offers for freeing up storage space on your handset, in addition to the aforementioned features, it’s not really a surprise that Photos has been a success.

With this feature, users can hide certain photos from the gallery view without having to delete them. Although it has not issued an official statement related to this, Google has started presenting features named “Archive” is, as reported GSM Arena, Thursday May 25. Note that the Archive feature will not delete the photos you archive. The photo you can show back in your photo album.

To use this feature, click the Archive option above the “Trash” option. Once this feature first appears on your device, Google will give you a quick tutorial to use it. Unfortunately, this new feature will be present on Android devices. Not yet known when the Archive feature is gliding on the iOS device like iPhone, iPad, Tab, and the others.

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