Apparently This Laptop Cause Often Feels Hot

Techno Journal – Ever wondered why your laptop or PC is so easy to get hot? Actually, believe it or not but all electronics product such as laptop is much easier to be hot than on a computer. Where, in fact also, the computer has a separate cooling system that keeps the temperature inside the PC. Conversely, computer only judi poker online has a pendingan system in the form of fans or fans. Which often not enough qualified to keep the engine temperature inside the laptop.

Therefore, do not be surprised if in the end the laptop you have and use today is much easier to heat from the computer.

But other than the reason for the lack of a cooling system that qualified, the laptop was often hot for several other reasons. Which we will list in this list on bah.

1. Using Laptop on Mattress

The thing that is most capable of impacting the laptop overheat is when you play it on a mattress or pillow, or a pedestal that does not add an area to the fan to release the heat. Therefore, the circulation of the air on laptops continues not smooth and the laptop is heating up.

Not smooth the change of air in this laptop can end badly, which in the end makes the cooling system on the laptop, which was not how before, become heated. Yes, something that ultimately works to cool it no longer works because of the absence of air circulation that fits for the laptop.

This problem if left further not only can make the laptop heats up but also can damage the condition of the laptop.

2. Very Dirty Laptop Fan

The main factor in the cause of other laptop overheat is a very dirty laptop fan. This is mostly felt by laptop users who are lazy to clean. So, the fan is covered by the amount of dust and slows down the performance of the laptop’s cooling system itself.

Cleaning the laptop fan is not as easy as cleaning the fan on a PC that is common in the cooling system. But it should be a laptop fan cleaned in some time once to keep no dust that drains the rotation of this laptop itself.

3. Dead Fan for Hot Laptop

Another thing that often goes on and is not realized by the user is the fan on the laptop was dead. Of course this can bring the impact of the laptop so overheat and even so hot you can use to cook water. Because of that, make sure the fan on the laptop keeps working to prevent laptops becoming overheated.

That’s part of the causes of laptop overheating. So, what needs to be done to avoid the occurrence of hot laptop? Below, there are several ways you can do to overcome the heating on this laptop, as well as to make the laptop is not too hot.

1. Use Vacuum Cooler

Brader, often you underestimate one of the additional accessories of laptop coolers that actually have a cheap price. Therefore, it would be nice if you buy deh vacuum cooler. Price vacuum cooler itself ranges feel Rp64.000 you know. With the price as cheap as that, your laptop become more durable deh.

Vacuum cooler makes the laptop more awake. Which means, it will not feel hot anymore. It’s also easy to use these additional coolers, and it’s possible to do so.

2. Pair the Cooling Pad

For those of you who love to play laptop on a mattress, pairing a cooling pad as a laptop pedestal can be a good answer to it. Because along with that, the ventilation area is always able to flow well and the fan inside the laptop is always able to release the heat without a hitch. Well again, you pair the cooling pad and vacuum cooler simultaneously.

Cooling pad can not work as much as a vacum cooler but still it should not just be abandoned.

3. Check Thermal Paste

One of the things you need to do is check the thermal paste on the processor. Usually because it has been used for a long time, the thermal paste was already drying out. In fact, it is thermal paste that is useful to deliver heat out. So, check it out regularly.

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